Get Noticed In 30 Days Or less using this ultimate virtual assistant blueprint

How to Get Noticed In An Instant And Become A Virtual Assistant In Less Than 30 Days

“Here’s Your chance to finally choose the clients you want to work with and earn the money you’ve always desired.”

Dear Aspiring Virtual Assistant,

It’s been 2 years now when I decided to work from home. Indeed, this is the best decision I ever had.

It all started upon seeing an ad that offers 30,000 pesos monthly as a Virtual Assistant. It caught my attention, and confidently tried my luck in applying.

Applying locally for a job is so easy for me, I make sure I always bring the word “You’re Hired” after my interview.

It continued up to 3 years of applying in different job portals but still no luck nor an online interview! I feel devastated.

I don’t know my mistakes. It seems my strategy in applying for a local job is not working. The winning resume that I’ve always been using for the past 20 years seems like trash.

It seems they are not interested in my certificates and training on leadership and personal development that I’ve acquired in the BPO industry.

No one is interested in me. My confidence is slowly disappearing until I quit.

I finally decided to continue my career as a line leader in a BPO company for almost 12 years. At last, I finally forgot my dream job.

Suddenly, I feel empty and got tired of my daily routine. They call it a rat race. I’m tired of commuting and my 10-8 job. 

My desire to work from home suddenly emerge out of nowhere. I’m scrolling my FB timeline when I stumble the FB ads of my Coach.

I enrolled in his masterclass and met my VA Coach inside the community. 

Her student is my wife, and I only tried my luck after watching the modules.

An Amazing Opportunity That Change My Life

At last! After a couple of months of tweaking and analyzing my responses to every job post and online interviews, I finally got my client!

It’s amazing! Dreams Do Come True!

Luckily, I documented everything in my freelancing journey, including my hits and misses.

  • I learned that the resume we’ve been using locally is just trash in an online world.
  • That there’s a way to get noticed in an instant just seeing your response to them.
  • I discovered the websites where high paying clients are lurking and waiting for an aspiring virtual assistant.
  • I also learned that your degree and certificates are not your tickets in getting clients online.
  • And also, they are willing to hire you even if you are not good at English or a complete newbie in freelancing.
  • I also discovered that patience is your asset in applying online.
  • I learned that you could become a virtual assistant even if you’re a high school graduate or completed a 2-year course in college.
  • Your skills can save the day.
  • I also learned how to identify a legitimate client.
  • I learned how to create a winning cover letter and resume that can easily attract the attention of the client.
  • I discovered the reasons why many aspiring freelancers failed.

After reading the blueprint and apply all the learnings, the percentage of the client will notice you are much higher than before.

This blueprint works for me every time I use it. It can help you also.

Can You Really Get Noticed in Just 30 Days?

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

These Blueprint Are Tailored For Aspiring Virtual Assistants

It’s hard to believe that this Virtual Assistant Blueprint can be your ticket to get noticed in an instant by your client. And that’s exactly what I thought too…

This laser target blueprint flipped my opinion about “Getting Clients in 30 Days or Less”, completely upside down. Let me ask you a quick question.

What Would It Feels Like To Finally Have A Good Clients That Is Willing To Pay You More?

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Get Your Profitable Dream Job

Better yet…

What if you could build a profitable freelancing business using this blueprint that:

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.
Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

Without Having To Dedicate Hours and Hours Of Researching The Best Resume On The Internet

Or spend years trying to research on the winning resume and the sites where most of the clients are lurking.

As an aspiring virtual assistant before… I can relate to the hustle of trying to become a virtual assistant. A few years ago, I found myself constantly hustling on the internet…

Until you realized that everything you’ve done isn’t gonna work in the long run.

Meet the Author

Alfie Raposon

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.

My name is Alfie, and I’m the founder of Freelance Cradle. I’ve spent almost 12 years in BPO Industry as a Team Leader before I jump into freelancing.

I saw a huge opportunity in freelancing after being exposed to Internet Business Masterclass that led me in meeting the great coaches in the Philippines.

After watching the online courses my interest in working from home grow stronger each day. I’ve done all the tweaking in my job application, and I know what’s working to become a Virtual Assistant.

I’ve done all the dirty jobs for you. It’s time for you to knock it off and grab the job and the money that is right for you. Keep moving forward!

Dr. John Smith — Founder & CEO.




Here’s What You Get When You Download This Guide:

14 In-Demand Newbie Friendly Online Job E-Book

You will discover the 14 newbie-friendly online jobs aside from Virtual Assistant. I also list down 106 websites you must consider where you can get high paying clients.

And also, I will show you the 24 websites I’m lurking to get my clients online. You can also use this sites in getting your clients for VA.

(Value: ₱ 300.00)

Writing A Winning Resume For Virtual Assistant

I will show you exactly how to create a winning resume and cover letter that instantly gets the attention of the clients​.​

Plus, you will obtain the fill-in the blanks resume and cover letter template dedicated to Virtual Assistant. You don’t have to guess about the format.

(Value: ₱ 300.00)

Hack The Brain of the Interviewer

Preparation is the most important of all, that is why I list down the 18 questions that I’ve encountered in job interviews and how to answer the questions.

You will also discover the 10 Clever Tips & Tricks To Get the Word “You’re Hired”.

(Value: ₱ 300.00)




Watch how to write the winning resume and cover letter. Discover the tips in writing a resume that will capture the attention of your prospect.

(Value: ₱ 500.00)



This is the exact resume and cover letter that I’m using since I started applying online. You don’t have to guess, all you need is to replace all the information inside the template with your skills and personal information. You can use this in almost all job position online. Quite easy, right?

(Value: ₱ 500.00)



You will have the opportunity to book a 30-Minutes Coaching Call when you downloaded this blueprint to ensure that you’re still on track of the game. You can ask anything about Virtual Assistant and ask to advise/my opinion on an issue in applying online.

(Value: ₱ 1,000.00)

TOTAL VALUE: ₱ 2,900.00

TODAY: ₱ 495.00


To Order With Your Credit Card:

To Order Through GCASH

Step 1: First, send ₱495.00 to 09777082516 / Receiver’s name: Alfie Raposon

Step 2: Then, screenshot the transaction and email it to

Step 3: Finally, you will receive the download link of the Ultimate Virtual Assistant Blueprint.

Are You Ready To Become A

Virtual Assistant In 30 Days Or Less?

This is the perfect time to earn the money you deserve and work at the comfort of your home. Get ahead of the game and become a Virtual Assistant even if you don’t have experience and not good at English.

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