Discover How You Can FINALLY Start Your Freelancing Business Even If You Don’t Have An Experience And You’re Not Good in English…

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In this course, I will discuss the task of a Virtual Assistant and the salary you will expect if you will pursue this career. At the end of the course, you will become knowledgeable about how to respond to the job post. Watch the entire course and apply tomorrow!

module 1

Preparation and Skills Of a VA

Now, you already had an idea of the things you should prepare if you want to become a VA. This time, I’ll teach you the skills you needed before applying for this position. After this module, you are now confident in answering every job post.

module 2

Equip yourself with skills you needed to become a virtual assistant. You can include this skills on your response to every job post and what payment gateways you should consider.

Preparing your payment gateway

Skill #1: Email Management

Skill #2: Scheduling Management

Skill #3: Advanced Research Skills

Skill #4: PDF Mastery

Skill #5: Photo Editing Skills

module 3

Here’s the secret in getting your first online clients! Watch this very important video, and don’t miss the tutorial in applying online. Also, learn how to create an online portfolio to create a positive online presence.

Module 3: Getting Client’s Online

BONUS: How to Create Your Online Portfolio

Soft copy of Virtual Assistant Course (PDF)

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Virtual Assistant Kickstarter Checklist

Don’t STOP! This checklist will help you clear everything in your mind and will guide you to move forward. Download this checklist now!

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