7 Essential Things in Freelancing Business

7 Essential Things in Freelancing Business​

In this post, I will discuss the 7 essential things in freelancing that you should consider.

First of all, lots of people are asking me about the things they need to consider to start their home-based job.

I mention the 10 legitimate ways on how to profit online so that you can start earning either a part-time or full-time at home.

Probably, you already searched different ways and things you need to start freelancing, right?

But, you’re still confused about how to start working from home.

Without a doubt, we all want to start working from home, not for yourself alone but also for our family. That is why you consume lots of time searching skills you can acquire.

If you are still stuck and become a victim of info overload, have a rest and start over again.

Find your “Big Why”!

The philosopher once said that if your Big Why can’t make you cry, then that is not your Big Why.

Are you doing this because you only want to earn money, or you want to create a better future for your children and family?

You don’t want them to experience the hardship you already experienced since you are still young, right?

Your Big Why is your fuel to pursue your dreams and to take action.

Dig deeper. Meditate.

Are you ready to learn?

First, there are some things you need to settle if you want to become a Virtual Assistant. Here is the list.

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Computer Specification

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Computer Specification

A computer is one of the 7 essential things in freelancing because, without this, it is hard to monitor your business.

I addition, you should consider the right computer specifications for your designated job.

You can choose between Desktop or Laptop.

Desktop Computer

You can buy a core i3 or equivalent for as low as 7,000 pesos and a brand new core i5 or equivalent for above 30,000 pesos.

In buying your computer, consider the RAM should at least 8GB or above so that you can do tasks simultaneously.

Upgrading is much easier and cheaper for a desktop computer than a laptop.

I started working from home since February 2019, and I’m using my brother’s computer with specs of AMD A6 dual-core 2Ghz with 4Gb RAM.

The 4Gb RAM is not enough, because of this, I upgrade it to 8Gb RAM for 2,200 pesos, and it works!

Laptop Computer

You should consider this also if you travel more often because you can do your job while having a good time. Do you want that?

Upgrading is a way expensive than on a desktop computer.

Some of my trusted brands are Intel, Ryzen, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Sony, LG and Samsung.

Consider Upgrading

January 2020, I bought a brand new core i7 7th Gen 3.6Ghz up to 4.2Ghz Quad-core with 16Gb RAM. Also, I can do whatever I wanted, like playing online games in high settings, rendering images, and editing videos.

Here are the specs of my i7-7700 worth 36,000 pesos:

The Best Computer For My Freelance Projects

If your aiming graphic artist or video editor position then, this is right for you. But, if you only want a VA job or data entry, then i3 or equivalent is enough to do the job.

The Right Speaker For You

The Right Speaker For You

Second, the speaker is essential in a video call, watching movies, and listening to music while working. I got my speaker for only 750 pesos, and I’m so satisfied.

For me, the speaker is one of 7 essential things in freelancing because music motivates me and keeps me productive.

There are lots of quality brands of speakers you should consider.

Also, don’t forget to test the quality first before buying. I recommend buying a speaker in the store so that you can assess the quality of the speaker.

Some brands are Logitech, Razer, Creative, and more.

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Headset

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Headset

If you’re using a headset with jack upgrade it to USB type headset because it is more stable than jack type of headset.

The ideal brand is Plantronics because the noise reduction of this headset is excellent. Also, it ranges from above 1,500 pesos I’m currently using Genius because it is foldable and not bulky.

Some of my recommended brands are Plantronics, Genius, Logitech, Razer, and more.

The Best Size of Computer Monitor

The Best Size of Computer Monitor

Indeed, size is not essential, but I recommend a 24 to 27 inches monitor because it’s great to work with a larger monitor, especially when watching movies and streaming.

I preferred the larger size of the monitor.

Also, you may consider a high-resolution monitor if your job is a graphic designer or video creator.

Some trusted brands are AOC, Asus, Acer, Dell, Alienware, MSI, and Benq.

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Internet Speed

7 Essential Things in Freelancing: Internet Speed

It is one of the most essential in freelancing, the internet speed.

If your job requires uploading, you should consider a 10 Mbps internet speed or above. Also, for data entry position 2-5 Mbps is enough, you can upgrade later.

Moreover, choose an internet service provider (ISP) that has a reliable and stable signal in your area.

Furthermore, clients preferred a different internet service provider as back-up internet just in case your main connection failed.

I have a prepaid Globe Home Broadband as a backup internet with speed up to 41Mbps worth 1,200 that time with 10Gb free data.

Globe Telecom is excellent in our area, that is why this is my Internet Service Provider (ISP), and I avail 10 Mbps plan 1599.

Best Brands of Webcam


Why do you need a webcam?

Well, you will only use it whenever your client wants to talk to you.

On the other hand, you need a webcam for your job interview or a video call. Also, clients can see your sincerity if they can see your face while talking, that is why it is a must to have a webcam.

You don’t want to see your face blurry, right? Therefore, you should consider at least a minimum of 14 megapixels.

There are top webcam brands like Logitech, A4tech, Microsoft, Razer, or equivalent. Most of the freelancers and VA trust those brands.

If you want to buy online, you should consider the legitimacy of the distributor, and it should have a warranty.

Learn the Right Skills


Finally, you can learn different online skills on Youtube or with the help of a coach.

Indeed, you can learn it by googling and watching YouTube videos, but having an online coach makes a difference.

They have wisdom that was not available in the videos or any article online.

For me, that’s gold. Here are the 5 Basic Skills you can acquire:

1. Technical Know-How
2. Word Processing
3. Data Entry
4. Communication Skills
5. Reliability and Organization

Online Courses for Beginners

I created a FREE course for beginners, non-techie, and aspiring Virtual Assistant, it is the Free Virtual Assistant Course for Beginners.

Also, if you want to become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant and would like to Earn 25,000 pesos and above while staying at home.

This course is right for you, it is a step by step program created for a beginners like you.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Crash Course

I hope I can guide you through this course. Let me help you!


We all have a dream, and most of them are for our family.

Being a work from home dad or mom is very important and fulfilling.

You can watch your children grow, teaching them if they have assignments in school, attending school events, and helping your spouse financially.

That’s right, it is lucrative working from home, and some Virtual Assistant is earning 25,000, 30,000, 40,000 and above 50,000 pesos.

Get someone to coach you

For me, the masterclass that I bought online helps me achieve my dream work from home job.

It is great to have a coach beside you to avoid guessing and start reaching our goal.

My E-book “How to Work from Home” can help you have a great start, and you can download it for FREE so that you can start your freelancing career now.

You may want to see what others are saying about this e-book.

“How to Work from Home” E-book is a MUST read a book for anyone who wants to find another source of income even if they do not plan to resign from their jobs. – Krich Dabu

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About the Author

Alfie is an online Coach and a Real Estate Virtual Assistant today. Previously he is a team leader in a BPO company, and Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant. Also, he enjoys creating e-book, digital products, logo, graphics design, web design, affiliate marketing, and online coaching.

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