Worksheets And Learning Materials For Kids

Are you wondering where to find free worksheets and learning materials for your kids?

At this time, most of the kids are in quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus, but learning won’t stop at home, agree?

Meanwhile, as a work from home Dad I need to keep my children busy by giving them writing and reading materials.

Firstly, I’m not affiliated to the below websites but I want to share their works. Also, most of them are free and something you won’t regret downloading.

On the other hand, instead of giving the pdf or soft copy to you, here’s the websites that can help your child. 

Also, these worksheets can nurture your child’s brain. Feel free to download and print all you want.

Please click the title to access the site or copy and paste the URL.

free worksheets and reading materials

Indeed, there are lots of free worksheets and learning materials out there, and most of them are free. And also, it’s up to you if you want to buy their premium product or not. Here is the list of websites you can visit.

First, here’s the website where you can download all the worksheets for Nursery to Grade 10.

free worksheets and reading materials: Name Tracing

Second, here’s the website for the name tracing. Input the name of your child in the box. Then portrait or landscape for the paper orientation before printing.

Go to Website


First, go to website.

Second, input the name of the child 2 full names in each row. Copy up to 10 rows to create a one page worksheet.

Third, click the create worksheet button.

Lastly, download the worksheet.

Click the image to enlarge.

free worksheets and reading materials: MATHWORKSHEETS4KIDS

Third, you can choose what category of worksheets you want to download. The choices are Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Workbooks.

Finally, click the menu and download the free worksheets.

free worksheets and reading materials: k5learning

Fourth, feel free to download and print the worksheets here. There are lots of categories to choose from like Math, Preschool, and Kindergarten.

Also, there are categories for Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar. You can also download the worksheet for Cursive Writing, and Flashcards.


Next, you can download worksheets on this website. Categories like English, Maths, Logical Reasoning, and also your children will enjoy the downloadable Coloring Pages, Colors, Shapes, and Patterns.


This is my favorite website because the creative materials are vibrant and colorful. You can click the Homeschooling and Activities menu to download the materials.

10X your confidence: ebook

Feel free to download this e-book. Not only parents will benefit from the free tools but also students. This e-book will 10X your confidence and will improve your writing proficiency.

On this website, they offer free worksheets and games for your children from Kinder to 5th Grade.

There are thousands of worksheets available on this website, and they are all great. They offer free worksheets for pre-school up to 5th grade.

On these websites, they offer a test, activities, lessons, games, and worksheets for Kinder to 12th Grade. And also, they offer a test maker and test room.

Categories are:

  • English Language Arts Worksheets
  • Math Worksheets and Activities
  • Science Worksheets and Activities
  • Social Studies Worksheets and Activities
  • K-6 Seasonal and Holiday Worksheets
  • Vocational Education Worksheets
  • Early Education Printables
  • Arts and Music Worksheets
  • Study Skills and Strategies Worksheets
  • Graphic Organizer Worksheets
  • Physical Education Worksheets
  • Life Skills Worksheets

There were lots of resources here for Kinder to 12th Grader, feel free to search your category.

  • Browse By Subject
  • Health and Safety
  • Art, Music and Drama
  • Language Arts and Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Reading and Literature
  • Science
  • Social Studies and History

You can download all the free learning materials for your children. I don’t encourage you to sell these materials because you download it for free, and the author paid someone to create this.

Please respect the author and create your own if you want to sell stuff like this. 

I hope these free materials can help your children enhanced their skills. If you want your website to be featured in this article, feel free to message me here.

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Please comment below if this blog is helpful.

Thank you for reading!


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