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“Your e-book gave me knowledge on the different applications or tools that I can use when writing in English.
It makes me confident knowing that there are tools to help avoid common mistakes.”

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"It takes patience and practice to improve your writing skills. But when you become confident in communicating, you can unlock opportunities to work with global clients. The tools suggested by Alfie and Freelance Cradle can help you get started."
10X your confidence: Jonah Chipeco
Jonah Chipeco
Founder, Writing Hacks Academy
"Really good tips for newbie writers who wants to hone their skills. Glad to know that there are such tools exists."
Eralene Gregorio
"The technicality of this book is a must to have and be learned by a blogger and online entrepreneur. Constant use of the tools/app makes you confident and and have a feeling ahead of the rest. Highly recommended for starter and even current online entrepreneur to make sure standards in writing, recording and selling will be achieved! Congratulations!"
10X your confidence: Dan Caysido
Dan Caysido
“Dollars from Home” is the MUST read book for anyone who wants to find other source of income even if they do not plan to fully resign from their jobs. I have to examine my skills so that I can fit for the jobs online. Indeed, there is no reason one won’t be able to bring food to the table because of the opportunities in the virtual world. I know that the success story of the author Alfie Raposon can also happen to anyone."
Krich Dabu
Founder of Investories with Krich & Financially Abundant Women
"Thanks for sending me a copy of your ebook. Each tool is relevant and helpful for people who like to write blogs, stories or ebook I would surely keep a copy of the 10 tools for future reference. Good job!"
Son Salva
"Your ebook is amazing talagang malalaman mo kung ano ba talaga ang forte mo, they teach how to manage na isa ka nang working at home as VA or other freelancing na maari mong matutunan din dito sa ebook."
Rachel Escurido
"I thought baka kasi dahil ito ay "Virtual English" thing, eh I'll be reading a densed or sobrang habang content cause, I saw it was 14 pages (medyo mahaba din lalo na kung mga 5 minutes lang pwede ko ibigay na time para mabasa ito). Pero nung binabasa ko na, eh akalain mong 2 tools kagad dun ang na setup ko at currently ginagamit ko kagad in my coaching activities, and ang ganda nga nila, libre pa! Salamat sa content na ito. Will check more din sa mga suggested tools pa na iba. Nakatulong kagad ito ng sobrang bilis, hindi OA ito. :)"
10X your confidence: Jonathan Vergara
Jonathan Vergara
Health and Natural Fitness Advocate and Coach
"As a VA myself it was really hard to start without a mentor before as a newbie. What I like about this book is that you mentioned how to transition from a normal employee to a freelancer and the things you need to know before quitting the cubicle job. I’m glad that you will help our fellow Pinoys jumpstart their career as a VA and get out from their 9-5 Job + OT + traffic + stress! Also, it would help them find their specialisation because you have given nuggets of information on what rates should they be asking their future client as a newbie. Best of luck to your coaching journey!"
Kris Toreses
Virtual Assistant
"I learned a lot from your e-book, particularly on the many options for online jobs and practical tips on evaluating one's self before quitting the corporate job and the skills that one needs to acquire to ace the virtual jobs. I also like the use of simple words and conversational style of writing the e-book so that your readers can easily comprehend it."
Randolf Sasota
"This E-book will provide any aspiring Virtual Assistants with a clear and practical guide in becoming one. With the vast information available online that can make someone lose their way in this business, this Ebook will provide you with great tips and different perspectives of earning an income online. Even if your new to this opportunity, this Ebook provides easy-to-apply tips to get you started as a Virtual Assistant."
Ronnie Hilario

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways."

– Robert Greene –

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